Professional services

GrupoNTT has developed a wide and constantly evolving range of services that allow our clients to maximize their ICT investments and align them with the documentary processes of their organizations.

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Migration to the cloud

Keys for an organization to migrate its document processes to the cloud. Reduce your investments and improve the productivity of documentary systems.

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Documentary consultancy

Documentary consultancy prior to the implementation of management document management processes in your company in a simple and efficient way, making a document consulting, adapting to the workflows of your company.

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System integration

At the push a button, the documents that accompany corporate processes are always available.

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Process reengineering

Redesign of a documentary process in his company, abandonment of old procedures and search for jobs that and value to the user, as well as organize the company around the documentary processes.

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Clover Backup Online

With Clover Backup Online you have reliable, secure, fast and professional options for creating backup copies of your company´s data.

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